Simple Tips To Help Lower Cholesterol


Are you looking for simple ways to lower your cholesterol? You’ve come to the right place if you are. Here are a few tips for lowering cholesterol.

1. Exercise- One of the best things you can do is exercise. Train with weights and do bursts of training because this can boost your body’s human growth hormone production. As a result, your HDL cholesterol will improve and your LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, will be lowered. You don’t have to exercise for hours on end, but you should try to exercise at least 3-5 days per week for around a half-hour per session. You can also try supplements from some companies like Mironova Labs.

2. Essential Oils- Not many people know this, but there are a number of essential oils that can help lower cholesterol. You can use lavender oil, which can help you reduce emotional stress, and that leads to lower cholesterol levels. Cypress oil is good too because it can help with circulation. Rosemary oil features anti-oxidant properties, which is why it’s good at reducing cholesterol.

3. Avoid Certain Foods- You want to avoid certain foods, such as anything with refined carbohydrates and sugar. Also, stay away from alcohol because it can stimulate your liver to make more cholesterol. having a glass of red wine per day should be fine, but if you consume more than that, then your cholesterol levels may increase. Try not to consumer more than 1-2 cups of tea or coffee per day because too much caffeine has been known to increase cholesterol levels, and do your best to avoid anything with trans fats in it because trans fats can increase cholesterol levels too.

Everyone knows high cholesterol levels is not good for your health. That’s why you should do what you can to lower cholesterol. The above tips can help, so give them a try today.